Thursday, August 25, 2011

Before & Afters

I've been on a home decorating/crafting binge for about the last week. So I decided to put together a post of some before & after pictures. When possible I'm including 'before before' pictures--what the house looked like when we bought it! I hope you enjoy and maybe you'll get an idea or two for your own home!

What the living room looked like the day we moved in. Blah.

After we painted but all our old furniture still.

The living room now! I'm  moving the poster (subway map
of NYC w/pictures on our honeymoon) that was here to
a blank wall and adding another poster made of tickets/momentos
of shows we've seen, places we've been etc.
The dining room on the day we moved in. Ugh!
You have to look closely but you can see where we took out
the sliding glass doors and put in 2 windows.
We tried to match the ugly woodwork but it looked stupid.... I repainted it! It now matches the bottom color of the
walls. We added in a corner/pellet burner and I just
hung those shelves. I'm going to put my wedding flowers
in the apothecary jars on the shelves.

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