Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ruffy Stockings

So this is the year of crafts for Christmas, I am determined. So whilst sitting on my rear and watching tv I decided to get started! I wanted to make stockings for Shiloh and Bode this year but I wasn't sure what pattern to use. My mom has a really cute scottie dog pattern she uses for dog stockings, I found a cute one that's shaped like a dog's leg and has a paw print on the bottom, or I was thinking of using a traditional stocking shape with paw print fabric.

Then, I had an amazing idea! At work I'm constantly doodling Shiloh and Bode faces for the kids. They love those guys. I thought to myself, why couldn't I make stockings shaped like their heads?? And when I didn't have a comeback for myself, I figured I would try it to see what happened. I have to say, they turned out super cute and it was so mind-numbingly easy I couldn't believe it.

First, I sketched the shape of their heads. Then I pinned it to a piece of felt--brown for Shiloh, dark gray for Bode--and cut around the pattern. Next, I had cut out a stripe for Shiloh--crooked just like his in real life. And I made a white patch by Bode's mouth which I added gray buttons to for his spots. I cut out 1 red tongue and 2 pink triangles for each dog. I found brownish black buttons for their noses, and big googly eyes. Using tacky glue I attached all the pieces.

As the faces I dried I set to work on the back. I cut the head pattern out on white felt and red snowflake fabric. I glued the felt piece and the snowflake piece together. I used the white felt to give the stocking some more strength.

I pinned the face to the back, trimmed off any uneven spots, and used white floss to blanket stitch the face to the back. When that was finished I used some velvet red ric-rac to make the hanger. I glued it to the back at the tips of the ears and used 2 white buttons to cover the raw edge.

All in all, I think the project took a little over 2 hours. Pretty easy and super cute! Compare to the pictures on the sidebar to see how much the stockings look like them! It was hard to get Bode's spotty white patch around his mouth just right but its pretty close. I'm so excited for Christmas to come and fill them with bones!

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  1. So cute! They look very much like their real-life counterparts :) ...See, you must have some artistic bones in your body ;)

    Also, gotta say I really like the owl background :)



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