Friday, December 7, 2012

Too Many Words

I'm verbose, loquacious...I use too many words.

It's because I'm trying so hard to capture the sacred, the divine. I want to hold these precious moments. I want to somehow articulate ideas and experiences beyond my own full comprehension.

I grasp frantically for my words, fumble for phrases. I use a thousand adjectives. I like to use three at a time. Don't know why.

I'm not really apologizing for it. The world needs wordy Anne Shirleys to offset the quiet Matthews and exacting Marillas.

It's just sometimes I wish I could scale back. Say less. Just let it be.

But what if Dickens had used fewer words? What if Michelangelo used fewer colors? Or Mozart fewer notes? Not that I claim to be a master craftsman...but someday I hope to be.

Someday I hope to finally spit out the right words, impactful words, beautiful words. (See, three?) Instead of just lots of words.

Someday I may finally capture something divine with my pen. Something glorious. Something sacred I can hold in my hand to keep.

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