Thursday, May 19, 2011

Humbled/ Like a Dream Come True

I'm so humbled by this whole blogging experience. It started on a whim. I read a friend's blog, a friend from high school, someone I'd lost touch with. I clicked on her link which she provided on Facebook and soaked up her life for a few minutes. And it set me thinking. Thinking about how much I used to love to write, and thinking how much I used to love sharing with people. And a blog is essentially sharing with people through writing.

So I picked out a name, based on a book I'd read a couple years ago. And I started writing, not really sure what I'd write about or who would even read it. But I decided those details didn't matter much. I've learned through my studies that the best writers, the ones we put on the canon, are the ones who wrote for themselves, not for an editor or an audience. I have a feeling that many of those writers wanted success and to be read, but were surprised when it came. Anyway, I digress...I started writing for me, for God, for anyone who would read it.

I never imagined that anyone really would read it. Anyone other than my mom, to be honest. But for whatever reason, people are, you are. And every now and then when I don't let myself get in the way, God uses this rambly little mess of a blog to talk to someone, to comfort someone, to touch someone. Honestly, sincerely, and truly, I don't take the credit for that. Sure, I may be typing but it's God doing the real work. And I never really thought that He would or could use me. Yeah, I dreamed about it, dreamed so often of writing for real that it hurts, but I've never believed in it. I've kept my stories and ideas squirrelled away for only me. Everything but this. This merry heart journey.

Its humbling to be read. Its humbling to be used by God. Its humbling to open up my heart and expose my deepest vulnerabilities every now and then. God is good and lets me write and ramble about so many things, but every now and then He requires me to dig deep. And its humbling to see what He does with it when I am obedient. I always imagined that writing would sort of puff me up instead of humble me. Shows what I know, eh?

So, thank you for reading. If you read every post or every now and then or hardly at all, thank you. Thank you for keeping me humbled and amazed and honored. I'll keep writing, even if everyone stops reading, but it is really cool to be read. Like a dream come true, actually.

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  1. I won't ever stop reading. I promise:) But then, you already knew that.


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