Thursday, February 10, 2011

Before it's too late

So I'm stealing this idea from a friend...who stole it from one of her friends. Feel free to steal it from me, if so inclined.

Her idea was to come up with 30 goals to achieve before turning 30. A bucket list of sorts, I suppose, but I've never seen the movie. Someone will have to let me know if I should. Anyway, rabbit trail...My only concern is that 30 is only four short years away. While much can happen in four years, much can also stay the same. But I think the idea is to be inspired to achieve something I've always wanted to do. And maybe once I achieve one thing, I'll be motivated for another, and then another.

So I'm looking at this list as things I want to do before it's too late. I'll start with 30, probably add to it as time goes on, maybe even take some things off. I had a list like this in high school, looking at it now makes me chuckle. I'm actually quite glad I never did some of the things I thought I wanted to. list.

1--Finish the novel I've been writing since I was seventeen
2-- Take a summer long trip to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Especially to see where my ancestors lived. And to geek out saying things like, 'And this is where Henry the VIII celebrated Christmas in 1534'.
3--Become a parent
4--Conquer my sewing machine
5--Make money selling some of my crafts
6--See a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC
7--Experience the ball dropping on New Year's in NYC
8--Go to the Olympics, preferably winter
9--Learn Italian
10--Read the entire Bible in just one year
11--Memorize a book of the Bible
12--Have something published
13--Visit all 50 states...and I mean visit, not just drive through.
14--Frost a cake without making an absolute mess of it...maybe even make it look super pretty!
15--Change the oil in my car (Curtis will have to assist on this one!)
16--Have my house pictured in a magazine
17--Travel to Italy, I particularly want to see Venice.
18--Knit something other than a scarf
19--Learn how to quilt
20--See a taping of Jimmy Fallon, if possible be an audience participant in one of his games
21--Pet a dolphin, or swim with one.
22--See a Shakespeare production at The Globe in London
23-Learn how to garden, because apparently it is more than just putting flowers in the ground and hoping it lives
24--Continue my formal education, even if it's just auditing classes
25--Direct a play
26--Walk with Curtis  in downtown Cuyahoga Falls at Christmastime (ideally Christmas eve) with the snow falling and the church bells playing carols. I know--could I be more specific?
27--Take a train ride for vacation somewhere.
28--Do something to help orphans in another country (mission trip, support financially, etc?)
29--Catch a fish (again, Curtis must assist!)
30--Learn how to tie the different knots for a necktie
31--Learn how to box or kickbox

 So apparently, I have 31 to start. Some of these are obviously more grandiose than others. Well, it's a start. We'll see how this goes. Let me know if you have any tips for completing any of mine. Remember, I'm typically non-committal so any advice will help ensure I actually achieve any of these goals.

What do you want to do before it's too late? Inspire me to act by sharing with me your aspirations. :)

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  1. I have some suggestions for #5 and #28. Your sewing machine is not the daunting monster you think it is. We will work on it soon. And - I've always wanted to sponsor a child too - I've contacted the Fish to ask about the organization they feature yearly - could be a perfect fit for us to do together. You're on your own with the kickboxing!


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