Sunday, February 6, 2011

You Make Time For What Is Important To You

This phrase has been echoing around in my head for a few weeks now. Oddly enough, it first came to me just a couple days after we bought our Wii. I'd been diligently setting aside some time everyday to play--thereby completing my New Year's Resolution to get in some physical activity every day (I am a sad and pathetic couch potato...but that's another story). I enjoy playing the Wii and it's an activity Curtis and I can do together, so it's easy to set aside time for it.

I make time to watch 'my shows'. Of which I have far too many (see the aforementioned admission of couch potato behavior). I often have to go through DVR deletion binges to make room for new episodes.

I find time to talk on the phone with my mom and Skype with my brother--not every day but often. I play with my dogs and annoy the cat. There's time for Facebook, this blog, and perusing the web. I can find time for anything if it's important to me.

So why haven't I made time for God?

Ouch. That's painful. And that's why I've been avoiding this topic. Like a stubborn child I've stuck my fingers in my ear and sang another song as loud as I could, trying to drown out Heaven's still small whisper. I've discovered it is easier to drown out thunder than the Spirit's whisper.

We had communion this morning at church. I see those special services as a time to honestly look at myself and get real with God. I get the feeling that God is looking at me and saying, "if you're going to partake of this, you've got to hear what I'm saying and let it change you." And instead of the lipservice of piecrust promises (easily made, easily broken), I've got to bend my knee in humility and let God do the work here.

I've had every intention of reading my Bible everyday and spending concentrated time in prayer. But I've been relying on myself to get it done. If I want to do it, I'll do it. This is not letting God have control of my time. I need to let Him order my day, prioritize my schedule, and decide what gets done. And I need to commit to this--to Him.

Which brings me to the last thing. Around New Year's I read on Lysa TerKeurst's blog (there's a link on ths side--she's great) about this prayer challenge she'd heard about. The challenge is to come up with one word to pray for the entire year. One word to replace the million good intentions of New Year's Resolutions. My favorite word is 'believe' so it would've been a logical choice. I actually struggle with believing, with having faith...but instead the word pressed on my heart has been 'commit'. I'm a fairly non-commital perosn. It's easy for me to give up or flake out. So I'm learning to commit fully to all that I do. And to commit all that I do to God.

A website has been created around this prayer concept and I've provided the link. Take some time and consider your word. Even if you don't take the challenge, just think about one word to summarize your goals for this year. And maybe God will move you to 'commit' to this challenge.

And in the meantime, I'll be making some time for what is important to me--seeking God. And then all that other stuff.

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